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Sales Agents for Treatments Industrial

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 Noxeria Srls




NOXERIA operates as Sales Platform for manufacturing companies within the industrial coating process and metal parts washing industries. NOXERIA does so by managing a worldwide agents network.

NOXERIA operates with clear and specific mandates from its Client Suppliers that define either the geographical coverage and, or the product coverage required. NOXERIA accepts such sales development mandates if the represented products have at least three of the following:

  • Positive Contributing Impact on the client’s Profit & Loss Account;
  • Technologically-Advanced solution;
  • Positive Contributing Impact on Overall Quality Improvements;
  • Positive Contributing Impact on the Environment.



1) Powder coating lines.
2) Liquid coating lines.
3) Shotblasting, pre treatment, coating cabins and ovens for large and very large items.
4) PVD Sputtering as an environmental friendly alternative to galvanization specially chroming.
5) Automatic shotblasting machinety.
6) Metal parts washing and paint stripping machinery. The llater specificcaly useful in powder coating lines.
7) Laser paint spripping.
8) Nitrogen enriched air as a carrier to save up to 30% in coating material.

We are looking for Partner Agents to be part of the Noxeria network to help develop one or two of the above product lines.

We offer a commission of 5%, access to the Noxeria CRM, full technical support, sales material, translation support.

Each of the above solutions is complementary and offers clients to achieve considerable cost savings and improvements in quality.

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