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Business Development Manager Sales Representatives for Finance, Legal

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LitFin – Business Development Manager

 Who we are and what we do:

  • We are "Litigation Financiers" = LitFin,
  • We help damaged parties to get adequate compensation from different wrongdoers,
  • We search, collect and bundle harmed clients, to be as strong as possible,
  • We pay all the expenses of litigation process, so our clients bear no financial risks,
  • You can find more on our website: https://www.litfin.co.uk/

We have unique product - cartel cases. We explain to clients (damage parties) their claims in particular case. We bring them money, when we win.  We currently run several cases in Germany, some new for all EU region are in pipeline, and we are looking for sales representatives and business development managers.

For example in case of:

  • Truck cartel we are targeting logistic companies, all over the Europe;
  • Pestcid cartel we targeting german farmers;
  • Steel cartel we are looking for quarto plates buyers, all over the Europe;
  • The Wirecard case we are targeting investors, all over the world.

We are looking for hunters, as we are. Focused, goal oriented, selfmotivated, but honest and transparent.

If you feel so, we will be happy to talk to you.


The role is for sales agents with independent/contractor status. 

If interested, pls contact us       sales@litfin.co.uk



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