Sales Agents and Distributors for Apparel

Fédération de Russie

Lana Erunt

Lana Erunt is a woman knitwear brand with own kniting factory, located in Lithuania. We are looking for a sales agent or distributor. We are interested in working with both small independent stores...


Trade Agents or Distributors for Industry Automation

Fédération de Russie


Production company of Laser Systems and artificial vision for industry, Automotive, Plastics, Logistics, Mechanical Assembly, Wood, Sheet Metal, Textile etc. We produce Laser Projector and Vision...


Sales Agents or Distributors Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS

Fédération de Russie

GE.MI. Sas

GE.MI Power Solutions was born in Italy in 2002 and is a specialized company in designing, producing and selling UPS and RECTIFIERS Battery Charges Systems. All our products are realized in Arezzo -...


Sales Agent and Area Manager for Electrical Products

Fédération de Russie


IBCONNECT is a Spanish manufacturer of high-quality electrical products, connectivity, voice, data and multimedia systems operating in more than 25 countries that seeks to strengthening its sales...


Commercial Agents for Pet Products

Fédération de Russie


The webapp allows to record all pet’s clinical histories, provides an unique ID, stores in the cloud (Microsoft Azure) these records, issues a QR code and a printed medal wearable in collars...


Sales Agent Distributor Resellers

Fédération de Russie

Coolkraft Technologie GmbH

We are a company that produce Enclosures,Enclosure Suspansion Arms,PLC Housing and Enclosure,Cooling Systems.We manufacture in Turkey and Distribute all our products from Düsseldorf Germany with...


Sales Agents for Clothing

Fédération de Russie

Confezioni Ciliegina Srl

Confezioni Ciliegina srlcompany on the market for over 20 years looking for sales agents in Europe.We produce clothing for newborn production MADE IN ITALY in 100% cotton fabrics.Quality products of...


Commission Sales Agents for Sourcing Service

Fédération de Russie

ET2C International Inc

Role Summary ET2C is looking for self-employed commission only Sales Agents (with small monthly retainers), to grow our customer base in Europe, South Africa, Canada, and Australasia....


Sales Agents-Distributors for Stamping of Plastic Material

Fédération de Russie

B2B International Group

B2B INTERNATIONAL GROUP operate in B2B Business Contact in the National and International Market. We were commissioned by Italian Producers to search Candidates interested to...


Sales Agents and Distributors for Radiation Protection

Fédération de Russie


Rothband is the original manufacturer or radiation protection, with records going back to 1911.We are looking for experienced sales agents to sell our range of x-ray protection into...







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